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insurancesAt Dental Solutions we are pleased to offer to our patients the safe, comfortable and effective option of sedation.At Dental Solutions we could prescribed anxiolysis to our patients or apply laughing gas in house, the patient will remain awake but with a great sense of relaxation throughout the duration of the visit.Sedation can help you to be more anxiety free during your visit to our office.Our ultimate goal is to make your visit to our office a relaxing and enjoyable one!
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Pediatric dentistry Services

Oral Sedation
Is a moderated form of sedation that typically uses one or two pills before your dental visit to produce a deep state of relaxation.
Nitro Oxide (Laughing Gas)
Laughing Gas is the most commonly used method for calming patients in the dental office. You or your child will remain awake during the duration of the dental visit while breathing laughing gas. When all procedures are done and after breathing 100% Oxygen for several minutes, you are safe to continue with your daily activities.

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